What is Love ?

Love is a thought

Love is a thing

Love is a word

Love is an emotion

it runs deep in my veins lie the salt in the ocean

Love is a gesture like two people like two people pressing noses

like blood pumping in your heart circulation

Love is a devotion like me reading a psalm in slow motion like me singing a love song out of devotion to

express my love for you.

Grief and Loss – and its impact on our faith.

Thank you god bless ❤

Christianity in the 21st Century

How do I process my grief?
Does suffering have any meaning?
Do we live in a random chaotic universe?
Is it time to re-evaluate my understanding of “God”?

This book is for anyone who has suffered a loss – of safety, of one’s home, of health, of a loved one or a relationship, or of one’s faith … and found themselves asking, “Why?” And then wondering, “Who am I asking?” and hoping they were not alone.


traces of hope

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