If you have the Covid Blues πŸ˜ͺ😷πŸ˜ͺ

This is a simple guide to helping you beat the blues πŸ’™ as covid 19 continues πŸ’™ to keep us in a subordinate position for 2021, not only is covid a virus it is also an evil killer that enables dysfunction and breakdowns within families I have struggled to combat the covid blues this year as the nature of work but here are some tips to help ease your worries and stress please read through carefully as my thoughts give an indication as to how I manage mental health issues πŸ˜€

  1. Listen to mindfulness songs 🎡 it is soothing think of a place and time ⏲ you feel most connected try this before and after an intensive workout or conversation .
  2. Write down your aspirations and goals for the day ✨ πŸ™Œ keep it simple πŸ‘Œ and easy so that you can implement what you envision everyday of the week.
  3. Write a list of how you are going to achieve your plan of the week to help you stay on task and focus on achieving the small things step by stepπŸšΆβ€β™€οΈeven if your goal is as simple as wanting to exercise for 15 minutes everyday by taking a long walk and doing some basic drills e.g press ups and squats that’s OK πŸ‘ just keep it simple straight forward and easy so that you can do it step by step ultimately you want to get better and every bit of progress is a natural part of growth.
  4. Start using a journal πŸ“– keep track of your progress by writing ✍ your thoughts reflections and experiences in it if you need to use plenty of color and detail.
  5. Have as many cold πŸ₯Ά showers 🚿 as possible everyday in the πŸŒ„ morning and night πŸŒ™ time it will help you wake up and deal with pressure alot better.

Finally drink 🍸 coffee β˜• and water to get you through the day and stay hard motherfucker your OK πŸ‘ just telling you so you know.

Mindfulness Music Matters

The notion of mindfulness is a powerful tool as it is seen as both a form of musical relaxation to ease one’s level of personal stress or anxiety while it is also seen as a form of meditation to help train the mind to be stronger and adapt in all life situations. Mindfulness has been very helpful for me when I am very stressed or feeling anxious I know i can listen to Mindfulness at late hours of the night, it gives me chills i feel a sense of ease with myself i feel calm, cool, and collective. I dont have to worry about the darkness of the world and some of the things we worry about as a human being. It does not come as a surprise that mindfulness coloring books are very popular now in schools eveen with adults working in tough industries where the demand to work and serve is very high. I hope one day they will eveen consider teaching it at university and schools as it can be a very good connector for families and communities to come together. #longlivemindfulness

No words for you ….

No words can express my undying love for you i am a storyteller to but my happily ever after doesn’t end with you as a matter of fact life began for me when i choose to live for myself and not survive for you it could of ended happily ever after but my forever love was only a destination for me ..

What is Love ?

Love is a thought

Love is a thing

Love is a word

Love is an emotion

it runs deep in my veins lie the salt in the ocean

Love is a gesture like two people like two people pressing noses

like blood pumping in your heart circulation

Love is a devotion like me reading a psalm in slow motion like me singing a love song out of devotion to

express my love for you.

Grief and Loss – and its impact on our faith.

Thank you god bless ❀

Christianity in the 21st Century

How do I process my grief?
Does suffering have any meaning?
Do we live in a random chaotic universe?
Is it time to re-evaluate my understanding of β€œGod”?

This book is for anyone who has suffered a loss – of safety, of one’s home, of health, of a loved one or a relationship, or of one’s faith … and found themselves asking, β€œWhy?” And then wondering, β€œWho am I asking?” and hoping they were not alone.


traces of hope

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